Monday 22 June 2009

Lanimers 2009

Here are some pics from Lanimers this year! It was a fab day but this best part was the Tattoo at night!

This is my brother in laws float

My Nephew Stuart

Nephew Scott

Craig And Shona

The Tattoo

Hope you all like the wee pictures and the video of the pipes!

Thanks for looking xxxx

Sunday 21 June 2009

Ruby 1st Birthday........

When I was asked to do this box I was really unsure, what do you put on a box for a one year old???????????
Well, with my Mums advice as to what the wee girl liked(pink, balloons, building blocks) and lots of helped from my hubby I got it done!!

I used a bright pink 12x12 card stock and paper from K&Co. I used the same bright pink and white pearl card for the layers! I got to use my fave stamps for the sides, thought these were really girlie!! Added some balloon stickers and birthday messages to the sides, also some wee embellishments from stash! To finish the middle I got some Lego bricks and stuck them down to look like someones been playing with them! added loads gems to finish!!

Loved doing this once i got started, just hope its okay for a one year old????????
Thanks for looking xxxxxxxx

Baby Girl and Baby Boy

I love doing these boxes!! I just love making my wee shoes and making up the wee prams and baby embellishments!

For the Girl-

I used baby pink 12x12 card stock and PM pink spotty paper to cover the sides. i added some dark pink and white panels for the layers. a stamped image of Candyfloss and embellishments for the sides plus messages printed out with the babies details. the wee shoe is made from the same v=baby pink card stock with a wee added button and ribbon to finish it off! to finish off the box I used chipboard letters and gems.

For the Boy-

I used all the same cards and papers as above except in blue tones! I also used a stamped image of the bear instead of rabbit!

When I gave these over to my friend for her to take to the women who ordered them, she thought they was brill!
thanks for looking xx xxx

Blue Wedding....

Was making some orders for a customer, well a friend, when she phoned and asked if I might be able to make her a wedding box as well as the 3 others I was doing!! Told her I had some wee ones made up and just needed decorating! So here is a quick Wedding Box...........

For this box I used some Navy 12x12 card and PM Big one paper, thought it was a nice change! I used white and light blue card for my layers plus the same light blue card to make my cake! I added messages printed on pearl paper, embellishments I had in my stash, plenty glitter to cake and gems to finish it!!

For a quick box it came out really well, especially the different colour! They couple like it!!!
Thanks for looking xxxxxxxx

Oh my been a while...................

Hi everyone, sorry its been so long!!!!!!! Have been very busy finishing orders and then i wasn't well again! Had no Strength at all, even colouring a stamped image took all my time!!

Much better now and have got lots to add!! Hee hope you already for this!!!


Monday 1 June 2009

Big Wedding Box

Well this is it, the last one for tonight x
I was asked to do this one for a friend of the family whos son is getting married this week, she wanted me to make the box larger than normal so they can maybe use it as a center piece for the table! Its been one of the hardest boxes I've had to do,as well as trying to do it while not being very well!

For this box I had to use a sheet of card 24x24 so it would be big enough in ivory. Once it was cut to size I used lilac card and cream card to decorte the sides. I made the wee embellishments for the sides and made the characters outfits all by me wee self. I made a large cake out of card and glitter glue and loads of wee flowers. I finished off the box with the printed messages and loads of gems!

It was so difficult to get it all right because of the size, dont think I would do this size again! Just hope they like it???

Thanks for looking xxx

Another Birthday for a Gran

Heres the second for tonight x
This one again is for the my best client!! This one is for grandchildren to gave to their gran who likes knitting and sewing. She also wanted me to include a chocolate lab somewhere on the box. Being a dog lover I knew It needed a side all to itself!

On this box I used a pale lilac 112x12 card with a DCWV paper that I got from a big bundle. I used some white, silver and purple handmade paper for the layers and to print the messages. I also used peel-offs, gems and punched out flowers! Love me new flower punch!! I added some wee buttons and also a handmade spoil of thread for a wee touch! I also used flowers in the center again.

Again this was a fun box to do. Love making my own wee embellishments for the sides. Hope its okay for her!

Thanks for looking xx

A Mums Birthday

Hello everyone hope you're all alright? Sorry its been a wee while, haven't been very well the past week, but stating to feel better now!

Anyways enough of feeling soory for my-self, on to the Box. The 1st of few tonight x

This Box is my best client, you know who you are!! She asked me to do this one and also the next! I done this one in a deep purple 12x12 card stock with Breda Pinnick papers to decorte. The lady likes reading and cooking and wanted to put these into box! I used some more purple card for layers a white paper for the printed messages. I also added peel-offs and gems to all the sides. I made the sides using wee handmade embellishments. Also added flowers to the centre to finish off the box!

I loved making the wee embellishments. The wee dressing gown and also the books!! Hopefully she like it!!

Thanks for looking xxx