Monday 30 November 2020

Beginning to look like Christmas..

 Well almost!!
Hello you lovely lot, I do hope you’re well? I can’t believe we are less than a month away from Christmas! This year has just been soooooo fast! Tho I bet most can’t wait for it to be over 

'keep reading for a lucky treat'

Today I wanted to share my last little make from the Alphabet Challenge, yip we’re at the end already

I coloured you this cute little guy for Y but never got a chance to use him but with Z I created a Double Z-Fold card! I do love this little Yeti

I used Tangled Yeti from Stamping Bella coloured with Spectrum Noir Classiques and Glossy Accents to the lights. Lots of Lucy's Cards gems and snowflakes along with some matching ribbon. The lush papers are the new North Star First Edition ones that I just adore!

When I did the Y I coloured up 5 Yeti images and of course the other 4 needed to be on cards too

These 3 I used Distress Oxide inks and some masking to create the backgrounds along with some paint for snow

and this one I coloured the background with my markers including the tree then added snow again with paint splashes

What do you think?? Do you have a favourite? I love this little pink guy and the Brown one looks more like a bear but the cute light grey is my fav!!

Now for you lucky ones I have something a little SPECIAL for my lucky followers

I recently got my Makers pack and made a little video of my haul and wanted to share! Its not the best but at least you can see all the loveliness from Craft Label

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I best get some work done, do you sometimes just want to curl up with a good book and read the day away??

Stay Safe and be careful
Huggles Mel

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Remembrance Poppy x

 Hello lovelies

I do hope you are all well and staying safe?? It's hard to think we're back in a mini lockdown but with the way numbers are going it was inevitable!! With lots being cancelled and closed again I wanted to share a wee project with you that you can make too. So here is my Remembrance Poppy

My mum had asked if it was possible to create something to pop at her window to show here support and of course I said yes!! I made 3 to begin with and then my aunt asked if I might have a template so she could make one and now I created another after deleting the first

Below is a picture Step by Step and then the PDF or SVG file to help you make you're own I just ask that you would think to giving too the British Legion Poppy Appeal as this year especially they need all the help they can get

What you need to get started -
  • Red, Black and Green card
  • Black Distress Ink, Green Distress Ink
  • Spritz bottle with Water
  • Circle of Green card
  • Glossy Accents
  • Small bowl
  • Ball Tool
  • Hot Glue
  • Twine
Remembrance Poppy

Print out the Template and use to cut out 2 Poppy Petal shapes from Red Card, the Centres from Black card and Leaves from green card

Add Black Distress ink to the centre of the petal and come up about 1/3. Repeat on both sides and on the second petal

Ink the edge of the leaves. Leave the ink to dry for at least 30 mins or use a heat tool

Once the ink is dry spritz with water on both sides. Don't make to damp just enough to make the card more pliable 

Scrunch up the petal tightly and leave to the side

Repeat with the 2nd petal, leaves and centres. Sit aside for 10/15mins

Cut out a circle shape about an inch and use a ball tool to make a dome shape. Add some dabs of glue to any folded layers to hold in place

Ink the edges of the dome with Black and green then add foam pads built up to the inside

Cover the surface with Glossy Accents and set aside to dry

Carefully unfold the petals. They might rip but that's ok as you can glue it back together. Scrunch a little more to shape the edges but keep it open

Put the petals in a small bowl and allow it to 'cup' slightly. The middle should be inside almost flat with the petals coming up then curling back 

Unfold the rest of the Poppy pieces and add the 2nd petal to the bowl. Set aside to dry fully or use a heat tool to speed it up

Once dry glue the two petals on top of each other in an 'X' shape. Try and keep the 'cupped' shape by added hope glue to hold the petals in place

Add the Centres, the largest one first then the domed piece. Squash the pieces around the dome

Touch up the leaves with more link to make the texture stand out

then glue them onto the back of the Poppy

Finish with some twine to hang the Poppy and cover with a scrap of card

And that's you finished!
Sorry its Picture heavy but I find sometimes it can be easier too see then just describe!

Please if you can donate as every penny goes to helping support the Forces and their families especially when they need it most! find the link below

Remember if you make one, pop it in the window to show your support!

I hope you enjoyed this wee tutorial for the Poppy and you can find the link to the files below!
Stay safe and take care
Hugs Mel x