Monday 1 June 2009

Big Wedding Box

Well this is it, the last one for tonight x
I was asked to do this one for a friend of the family whos son is getting married this week, she wanted me to make the box larger than normal so they can maybe use it as a center piece for the table! Its been one of the hardest boxes I've had to do,as well as trying to do it while not being very well!

For this box I had to use a sheet of card 24x24 so it would be big enough in ivory. Once it was cut to size I used lilac card and cream card to decorte the sides. I made the wee embellishments for the sides and made the characters outfits all by me wee self. I made a large cake out of card and glitter glue and loads of wee flowers. I finished off the box with the printed messages and loads of gems!

It was so difficult to get it all right because of the size, dont think I would do this size again! Just hope they like it???

Thanks for looking xxx


  1. hang on why I just pick myself up off the floor!!! WOW, Melly hun this is stunning, fantastic craftsmanship I love it. What a treasure of a gift. Joey.x

  2. It's stunning, well done, love Sue x


Hugs and kisses for you all, thanks for the comment xxx