Tuesday 25 May 2021

All about the Music xx

 Hello lovelies
Sorry it’s been a while, work was crazy then my health took a dip, but I’m back!

Once lockdown eased here in Scotland it meant hubby could get back to working in homes and could actual get the kitchens done that people had booked in since December! It was crazy with more smaller jobs coming in and then I was busy with magazines! Just what we needed after a lllloooonnnggggg winter lockdown.

Jura is getting bigger and keeping us on our toes! We definitely forgot all the puppy years with Tillie! But we wouldn’t change her lol

Today I wanted to share my makes from Papercraft Essentials 199, one of my faves this year

The magazine has a fab music theme and the cover gift is perfect for creating some fun makes for anyone! Including those male cards I know some struggle with

I had so much fun with this theme and designed something fun and ehhh something I am soooo proud of

Yip I did design some headphones!
They full size with slighter larger ear cans as I created them to hold some sweets or a gift! It took me almost a week to design and create these and then another to create the right sizes and files needed for those to create them

Here they are open as you can see room enough for treats. I also unknowingly went with a Gryffindor colour scheme when making them which for me is the perfect happy accident 

Below is some of my other makes including a small Drinks Stereo Boombox and a little Piano

You can find the magazine here and also buy it over here plus most supermarkets stock it. I know you’ll love the other ideas the rest of the Design Team have come up with using the kit including more inspiration throughout the magazine

Remember you can find more craft inspiration over at Craft World or Facebook

Until next time, take care and stay safe
Huggles Mel xxx