Monday 20 December 2010

20th December Challenge xxx

Hi all
Just a short post from me tonight!

The pains are back and my wee "Christmas Cheer" has disappeared! Boo Hoo! Fingers crossed it will come back tomorrow!! I mean there is only 5 sleeps left till Santa comes and I'm feeling rubbish!!

I'm really sorry but this is going be my last wee Challenge post! I'm so busy at the moment with Christmas and my lovely bro being home!! So SORRY everyone but you all know how busy the Christmas period is! I promise to be back now and again to visit you all!!
So to all my lovely friends have a Wonderful Christmas and may it be filled with fun, joy and laughter! May the New Year bring you all happiness and love throughout the year!
Hugs and Kisses

Melly xxx

Sunday 19 December 2010

19th December Challenge xxx

Evening everyone
Firstly thank you for all your kind comments! They totally made my wee day and cheered me right up! I'm still a wee bit "under the weather" but feeling much better than yesterday! It was just the pain than got to me, but didn't want to disappoint with no wee post!!

Anyways, its nearly here hee! Only 6 more sleeps then CHRISTMAS hee! I'm so excited!! Cant wait for my wee hubby to open his wee gifts and then spend the day with our wee family! I cant wait hee! My brother is on his way up as I type!! Fingers crossed the train makes it, the snow is bad and the train is already 2hrs delayed! Cant wait too see my BIG bro hee!!

Anyway, enough of my hyperness! i wanted to share the last of my cards I made! Again I made 3 of each of them and sent to some of my lucky fiends and crafty lil friends too!

I would like to enter these into some wee challenges

Today we didn't do much as the snow was back, was coming down like cotton wool from 11am today and hasn't stopped! Hubby is hoping it'll stay off just one more day so he can get his ast day of work finished!! Then he says the snow can fall as much as it wants!! heee cant wait to have hubby off all to my wee self!!
Its nearly time for a wee movie ........... Harry Potter!! Yes I'm really that sad!! I've only seen the 2nd and the two last after reading all the books last year from the wee library! I fell in with them! Its just an amazing lil fantasy story! Lucky lil me got the whole boxset from my lovely bro last year for Christmas and have managed to re-read them maybe 5 times so far hee!
Ok enough of my droning on!
Have a great night everyone and thanks again for all the kind comments!
Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx

Saturday 18 December 2010

18th December challenge xxx

Hey all
So so so sorry but no post tonight!
I'm really bad tonight, the pain has been so bad that spent most of the day in bed after being up all night with the pain! I'll save you from all the horrible details but sickness and fainting just makes you feel dreadful!
Sorry everyone!
Night night
Melly xxx

Friday 17 December 2010

17th December Challenge xxx

Hi all

I'm still in Glasgow having a wee fun day with my lovely hubby!
We've been in all the shops, stumped on by lots of angry Christmas shoppers but we just laughed and look at them form our wee smug pedal stool hee!
We went to George Square and seen all the lights and watched people try and ice skate hee. Then we sat in Princes Square having a lovely Hot Chocolate while a wee choir sang away hee! I dragged hubby into the craft shop oh and my fav other shops hee, hint hint wasn't working but he did buy me a gorjuss new hat, scarf and gloves! So spoiled!!
We're just heading to dinner now and will get that train after that! Glad I'm using hubby's fun hee gotta let you know whats going on hee!

Hugs Melly xxx

Ps still no phones boo hoo

Thursday 16 December 2010

16th December Challenge xxx

Hey all

Hope your all well? Did you wake up to snow this morning?? We did!! It was really heavy then just stopped! Hubby got to work fine with no problems on the road! Maybe we will be ok tomorrow as well?? Hmm maybe not .....

I'm still not feeling to good, had to have the really strong pain killers again!! But feeling ok tonight! Don't anyone worry tho, I get this alot, just gotta grin and bare it!! I am rather grumpy anyway, been waiting on my new phone for two weeks as know in stock! Then on Monday morning got a text to say "phone on way" but its still sitting with the courier in the 1st depo!! Argah ..... want my iphone please please ...... pretty please!!

Ok enough of my moans ..... for now hee!

I have made 3 of each of these cards below to send to my family!! They just adore Tillie, especially my wee Gran and Granpa and threaten to steal her all the time, so whats more perfect than a "Tillie Card"!!

I couldn't fit all 3 in the light box, but you can see them here in all there sparkleyness hee! I know that not only my family will loves these but our neighbour Ian(Tillie's best bud) will too!!
Nigella is on, making me so hungry! I love watching her, she's just fab! Perfect shaped and doesn't care what anyone thinks oh and loves to stuff her face!! If I ate like her I'd be the size of a house but wouldn't we all give it a try hee!

If there is no snow tomorrow we're hoping to go out, will I'm hoping top go out more to the point! I haven't seen the lights in Glasgow yet and love going for a wee look at George Square then a wee Hot Chocolate in Princes Square mmmmm yummy!

Have a good night everyone and hope your all cosy!

Hugs and kisses

Melly xxx

Sarah Hurley Challenge - Sketch xxx

Evening all

This week over on Sarah Hurley we have a fab wee Sketch for you!

I adore using the Christmas Cheer Cd especially the Vintage section!
I hope you will join in the fun this time a make something using the wee Sketch!
Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx

Wednesday 15 December 2010

15th December Challenge xxx

Evening everyone
My wee apologises if my post doesn't make much sense tonight! I'm typing this not long after taking my pain killers, so still a wee bet dopey!!

Anyway, last night was so much fun!! Thanks ladies, I had a blast! So much laughter from us, a wee group of 7 stuck in the corner but last top leave hee! cant wait till January for our next wee day and then Easter for out next "day out" hee!!

I've not done much today as woke up at 5am in so much pain and never got much sleep after that! I did make 4 wee cards for me to send to our family but I'm saving the pictures till tomorrow! I did do some "day time TV", a no go usually!! Well, don't think Sky counts, but watched some Bones then CSI in between cook shows hee! I adore watching any food shows and getting ideas for nice meals!

So as promised, here is the wee Wedding box I've made for a Wedding in few days!

I would like to enter this into some Challenges

What you all up to? Getting ready for next week??? All I'm left to do is make up the bed for my bro and everything is ready for Santa to come! OK yeah I still have another few cards to make but I'll get them hopefully done and maybe even posted tomorrow, OK probably more like Friday hee!!
Have good night everyone and I'll be back tomorrow hopefully feeling better and less spaced!
Hugs and kisses
Melly xxx

Tuesday 14 December 2010

14th December Challenge xxx

Evening bloggers

Sorry but its just a short post tonight! I forgot it was my wee Craft Club Night out and the day has just got away from me!!

This morning I was cleaning and tiding and the next min it was afternoon! I still had to make cards for all the girls tonight and get everything else done! I have just the min finished my cards and sitting with my curlers in my hair, doing my nails and typing this is all at the same time!

I will be back tomorrow with all the fun details and the Wedding box as promised!! Here is a wee sneak till tomorrow!!

Hope you all have a fab wee nite!

Hugs and kisses

Melly xxx

Monday 13 December 2010

Candy Winner and 13th December Challenge xxx

Good Evening my lovely bloggers
Well its is that time ............ my lil candy winner!!

Not only will they win these goodies

They also get a £20 voucher for any Craft Store of their choice
So who has won?? .......
The random thingy picked .......
Oh wow that's you Donna at DK Crafts!!
Well done honey!
Sorry I have no idea how get the random org thingy pic!!
email me at with your wee addy plus your wee choice for your voucher! Well done!
Thanks to everyone who entered my wee Candy, I'm sorry that you all couldn't win! I hope you will still stop by by wee blog now again, I will be by all yours when I can!
Sorry just a wee short post tonight, it was too dark too take pictures by the time I finished doing my cards plus finishing a Wedding Box I'll share with you tomorrow!
Off to watch the rest of River Cottage ........... mmmmm yummy!!
Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx

Crafty Cardmakers - First and Last xxx

Hi all
We have the greatest wee challenge over on Crafty Cardmakers for you all!

"We'd like to see your LATEST OR GREATEST creation so anything you like or a particular favourite AND here's the important bit, we'd also like to see your FIRST or the OLDEST one you have a photo of! I can see you cringing and thinking oooooh nooooo mine's really baaaad! Don't worry, we ALL started somewhere and I hope you can see from the samples that everybody was new once and with a bit of practice you can get better and you'll also see how much you've already got better by digging out your first efforts!"

The Rules:

You can enter up to 3 times but each must contain a picture of one of your first designs and must be different techniques or items e.g. first card, first stamped card, first scrapbook page, first tag etc. They must also be separate posts.

You can enter your latest creations or your favourites previously published alongside your old design. You can enter in as many other challenges as you wish but many challenges do not accept older creations so just be mindful of that.

Please link back to this blog and mention Crafty Cardmakers in your post.

The challenge runs for 4 weeks from 13th Dec and closes at 9am GMT on Monday 10th January

We are very proud to be sponsored by a number of very kind stores for this challenge with lots of winners for this one and the prizes on offer are...

£10 voucher from Joanna Sheen

£10 voucher from The Stampman

$10 voucher for Stitchy Bear Stamps

Pack of 5 promarkers from Letraset

£10 voucher for Crafts & Me

£10 worth of stamps of your choice from Stamping all day

So onto my wee cards ......

This is my fave wee card I've made so far this year! I made it for my Hubby's Christmas card!
This is the earliest card I could find a picture off! Its about years 8 old hee!
I hope you will join us this time over on Crafty Cardmakers and dig out some of your old creations hee!
Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx

Sunday 12 December 2010

12th December Challenge xxx

Good evening my lovely bloggers
And how are you all doing today? Have you had a nice Sunday? I have defo had a great day! No more migraine and a great wee day crafting!! I got another 8 cards made today, bringing me updated with my orders and enough just enough time to make my own!

These wee easels are for my wee Mummy to send to my Grandparents and my step - Grandparents! The other ones are for her friends!

This wee one I would like to enter into
Crazy 4 Challenges, Dutch Dare and Tuesday Taggers

This wee blue one I want to enter into

This we one I would like to enter into

This wee easel I would like to enter into

And lastly I would like to enter this into

While I was doing my wee cards, the dog came in to see me and was actually posing for the camera .......... makes a change hee

How cute is she hee??

There is another prompt over on Christmas crafting
" What is your Favourite Christmas Memory?"

Oh now that's easy for me! My fave memory is waking up on my 1st Christmas with my hubby! It just felt so special! Waking up with that one person who loved me for being me, all mad, covered in glitter, foam pads squares and everything!! Yeah so soppy I know but that's me! The next was other 1st Christmas with the Dog! It was so crazy, paper everywhere and trying to run out before the puddles appeared! She was only 8 weeks hee!

My earliest memory is of walking into our living room when I was around 6 to find a Wendy House for me hee! I fainted twice that day! Once when I seen my own "house" and when I opened it to find it full of presents hee!!

What's your fave memory?? Was it with your Children? What about your earliest memory??
Well its time for a nice hot tea and wee biscuit before a good movie!
Have a great night

Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx


Saturday 11 December 2010

11th December Challenge xxx

Good evening everyone

Hope all is well in blogland? How is your wee Saturday been so far?? Have you done anything nice? We've had a wee day in! My head was still wee bit sore so we decided to have a day in the house! I did do a wee bit cleaning and then for the past few hours I've been doing some colouring for my wee cards I've still to finish!

As you can see I've been colouring my wee LOTV images with my lovely Promarkers hee!

I so love my Promarkers and thank my lucky stars that I got them hee!
Whats your fave colouring tools? Pens, pencils, inks or maybe paints?? I used to love my water colour pencils but now they lie lonely in a drawer hee!
What about stamps? Do you have a fave make?? I adore nearly every one, The Greeting Farm, Sugar Nellie's, LOTV oh and Magnolias but I love all the Crafts and me Designs too!! What about digi's? Do you like using them as so easy to just pick and print! I'm more for the getting inked up and messy hee!!
Just going have my dinner, Hubby is cooking hee! He can actually cook really well but never does it that often! I love my kitchen too much hee! But how nice is it to get spoiled!!
Have a fab night everyone

Hugs and Kisses
Melly xxx


Friday 10 December 2010

10th December Challenge xxx

Hi everyone

Well picture the scene ........... people everywhere pushing and banging into each other, getting the bargains off the shelf's, standing in the long long queues, absolutely sweltering inside the shops and just so fed up with the whole thing ..............

............. hee Well that's NOT ME!!

Me and hubby were at the shops for 9am and left at 11! We had everything else we were still to get plus I got an outfit and he picked a gorjuss shirt oh and dinner from M&S hee! Yes, I can Blissfully say I have finished my Christmas shopping and have it all wrapped too! Ok I admit I only had top get vouchers and the sweets today hee so organised I am hee!!

Did you all watch Corrie then?? Omg I was in tears and than hysterics! Was so sad with Claire and Ashley and then poor Peter! But Fiz was amazing hee! How she kept and straight face through all that screaming I'll never know! Oh did anyone notice the nurse when she handed the picture over?? Someone sounded rather twisted!!

It's only a short post tonight, my head is busting and can feel the migraine setting in! But had to say hey to you all and well show how smug I feel hee hee! Oh sorry I mean organised I am hee!!

Have a good night everyone, I'll be back tomorrow with some Creations!

Hugs and Kisses

Melly xxx


Still 3 days to enter my Candy


Thursday 9 December 2010

9th December Challenge xxx

Evening all
Early wee post tonight from me as gotta catch up on my Dt commenting and then Corrie Live hee!! Oh and not forgetting Misfits at 10! Think this could the most TV we've watched in a week!
Today I was doing the dreaded housework, cleaning here there and everywhere!! Then it was time to craft YIPPEE!! We even made it to the supermarket today with the thaw that we had today!! I made another few little cards for my family and ones me wee Mummy ordered!
This I would like to enter into

This wee one I would like to enter into

And lastly I would like to enter these two into

Before sitting down to do my wee post I came into the Living room to find Tillie had not only stole my seat but was enjoying her weeish treat hee!!

Well she just looked so happy and enjoying her treat that I didn't have the heart to move her and sat on the other chair hee!! But now she is lying on my knee with her wee cover over her head!! She is the only dog I know that hides under covers and needs a cover over her crate like a wee cave before she'll go to sleep!! Mad puppy that she is!!

Sorry the post is short and mostly just cards! Hopefully I'll have some more nonsense for you heee!

thanks for all the comments, love them!!

Hugs and Kisses

Melly xxx