Tuesday 17 January 2012

Craft Room Revel xxxx

Afternoon all
Hope everyone is well out there in BLOGLAND?? I'm doing fabby and am utterly excited about having my wee craft room all decorted!

Ok I still have to finish painting a couple of things and add the doors to the units but its finished woop woop! So without all the drumroll and stuff here it is

Ohhhh well old room first heee

So it was kinda plain and very empty compared to now!

So sit down grab a cuppa/brew and have a nose around my happy lil place

so as you open the door this wee display unit is in view

Then as you can see the whole room is now "peapod" green!
These are the cupboards that still need their doors hee

Close up of my paint colour and decals all over the walls

Of course my promarkers!!

This is my desk just for die cutting and embossing
with my lovely ikea hanging things

a wee close up

This wee storage thing used to hold all my embelishment stickers,
its now going keep all my stamp images

my wee stamping area

My fav part!
All my buttons and ribbons with the quotye on the wall
(ok its not up yet but this is what it says heee)

close up

My yummy papers, right next to my desk heee

So this wall holds all my other bits and ribbons
(sorry I can't revel but will soon)

My wee unit here holds Scrapbooks, Cd roms,
magazines and wee bits

This is my utterly fab Butterfly curtain my Mother-in-law got me

Another wee look at my decals

My work space!
Can watch the world go by (well the garage lol)

all my wee bits at hand

other side,
with my iphone and ipod speaker

and lastly the best spot in the room!

Well hope you like??
I know I sure do, its full of everything I could ever need for making all my creation but room for more lol!

Thanks for popping by and checking out my wee room!
Any comments would be so appreciated!
Hugs Melly xxx


  1. Wonderful craft room Mel. ENJOY. I wish mine looked so tidy lol!
    xx Jan

  2. Fab. Hope you have many happy creative hours go there xxx

  3. Absolutely Stunning! I hope you have many, many hours of creativeness.

    Linda xxx

  4. Fab Mel very organised indeed, loving the wee dogs spot K x

  5. Wonderful Craft Room Melly. Its so much fun to see other ladies craft rooms. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  6. Fabulous craft space, I hope you have many an enjoyable hour or two or three creating. lol
    Suzi x

  7. Great room and lovely and neat.
    That will all change once you start making!!! Enjoy.

  8. wow Melly, this looks absolutely FAB!

    I'm peapod green with envy, ;o)

    Sarah x

  9. oh wow what a fabulous space.. cant wait to see all your new creations
    Lisa x

  10. wowzers...i wish i had half that gear!!...looks totally fabulous honey..oooh and all those yummy papers!!...hugs Debs x

  11. WOW what an amazing space, you have made it look fab too...have fun.xx

  12. This is awesome Melly! Definitely envious of the space and products! Have fun with it!

  13. This looks fab Mel, I've just done mine too - great to have everything to hand. Carol x

  14. love it Mel, love the idea of the Ikea bar etc to hold ur punches, ribbons etc....hhhhmmm brain is now in gear xx

  15. fabulous craft room, I love it, I have to share mines with a BED, LOL enjoy xxxx

  16. Smashing craft room. One day I'll have one of these, just got to move DD out first. Debs xx

  17. Looks fantastic Melly. Wish I had a nice tidy place to work! Love Tillie's little corner too.

    I was looking at the garage across from you. Is that where Ross's garage was? We used to go to Ross's garage when we lived near Harelaw roundabout. Probably all the farmers near Lanark had an account there!

    Kat xx

  18. Great crafting space. Love how you have organised it. I have my own room but not as big as I would like.

  19. Oh wow! This is gorgeous! Sooo jealous - I'm as green as your walls :-) Have fun! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  20. Ahhh Mel! How exciting!!!
    The new craft room looks AMAZING!!

    Hope you are keeping well :)


  21. Like like like like like

    It's fantastic Mel

  22. Hi Melly. Your craft room looks amazing. Enjoy. Donna

  23. Wow what a great craft room and sooooo tidy !!!


  24. WOW - I am green too!
    This is a fab room, I have to put up with sharing a double bed in my craft room :(

  25. Oooh, can I come and play in your craft room please!! I'm a kitchen table crafter so I'd love to have a space I didn't have to clear away at tea time!


Hugs and kisses for you all, thanks for the comment xxx