Thursday 23 February 2012

Wee bit smashing xx

evening my lovely bloggers

Firstly I want tp thank everyone for all their kind comments on my new"promotion" to the fab Charizma Design Team! I'm totally overwhelmed with all the lovely messages from old friends and new!!

Before I go on to tonights Challenge post I want to share some more fab exciting news I got this morning!

My lovely friend Susie txt me to say well done on my win!!
What win? Was all I could think
I continued reading and found not only had I won, I had won the Sugar Bowl!!
I could't believe and had to check fro myself! And there on the screen was my wee name!!
Woop woop! this week has got so much better heee

Ok enough of my winning, time to get down to business!

Challenge Day - 8

Today I wanted to share something a little different from the norm! Something that you hadn't seen from me yet tho I have been indulging in since before Christmas! 

Yip its my pink Smash Book
and here is some of the pages I did today

Its a double page layout from my wee day out with hubby
in that wee black pocket I have all the receipts, car parking ticket and leaflets

I have more pages done, so much more to share! I'll do a entire post sometime with all my pages I have done so far and maybe some pics of my goodies I have!

Well thats me tonight, still on emergency call so best be ready for it lol!

Have a great night everyone
Hugs Melly xxx


  1. Congratulations on your win well done !! Love your smash book fabulous pages with so much to see.

  2. Hi Mel, love the fab papes hun. HUGE congrats on the win and the DT Spot. Way to go girl. :o)

    Donna x

  3. Hi Mel, super pages & so much to see. Big congrats on your win & not forgetting, thanx for popping over to my blog.
    Sally x

  4. Congrats on the win! What a fab smash book, a lovely memento! I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you do!

    Fingers crossed for the imminent arrival!

    love Mags B x

  5. Wow, your pages are much busier than mine!

    I finally decided to break with "Susie tradition" of planning everything and having it all thought about before I start (I was going to use it as a scrapbook, or ideas for my jewellery, or with stuff for cards each month, or.....) and finally decided on using it for whatever I want to keep but have no idea what to do with: like wow words I like, quotes from the kids, positive thinking stuff to cheer me up when I'm low, etc. it was brilliant fun and quite liberating to do something out of the norm! Thanks for giving it to me, Melly xx

  6. Congratulations on the DT post and the win!

  7. Love it! And yes, please do share the rest of your pages! I've seen these smash books on a few blogs and quite fancy having a go (but don't quite know where to start LOL)

  8. I have just found your blog, I follow you on Instagram, love your Smash, especially my current favorite stamp.

    Beautiful blog & Beautiful work



Hugs and kisses for you all, thanks for the comment xxx