Thursday 4 July 2013

Ohhh, I'm such a bad blogger

Well will you look at that, 3 months

Ekkkk thats the last time I blogged, what am I like!??!
Well at least I'm doing better health wise and thats what matters! Hows you lot doing? Has anything BIG happened in blogland?

Well lets have a LOOK at what I've been doing

We went to The Volksfling,
it was utterly amazing and if you ever get a chance to go you so gotta!

a graffiti artist made me this fab sign at the show

even got Tillie her own wee VW neck scarf

This is a few pics from our Caravanning at Oban

Tillie more interested in the birds

It was Lanimers at the beginning of June and we had a amazing day

My fav decorated House was Brave (of course)

a small selection of the houses

Here's my fav float from the day!

This is the view on Loch Katrine where the WI went for our Summer trip

and our wee boat "the Lady of the Lake"

Last Weekend we stayed in Elie Caravan site and the beach was stunning
even found a few "Dinosaur bones"!

Have you tried this Jeremiah Weed, its so tasty and great on a warm day

Of course plenty nail painting has been happening
I love this app Beautiful Mess, a new favourite for my list


 On Monday me and my friend had a lovely day out going round some walled gardens and I took some pics of the flowers in the glass house! No idea what these are but check the colours!

I made this wee card for the new Biggar Cornet at the beginning of the month using his chosen tartan! 
I do like a "challenge" card!

Lastly heres a lil video of my new friend!

Well until next time lovelies
Huggles Mel xxx

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  1. oh wow loving those DUBS ! Looks like it was a great day
    Lisa x


Hugs and kisses for you all, thanks for the comment xxx