Wednesday 24 June 2020

Dinocorn Dave xx

Happy Wednesday everyone

Hope you're all well? Has it started to heat up where you are?? Its been dull, wet and windy here but warm! Today we have sunshine again tho the weather isn't promising for the weekend AGAIN! Thats not stopping me getting out tho.......... yes I can go out!! Only for a walk just now but WOOHOO!!

Over at Use Your Craft Stash we are still working on Anything Goes with the Letters C and D and I was stumped for my D!! I thought I had something and searched all over my craft room for it but nothing?? But a happy accident happened when one of my craft books landed on my lap .....

and here is my little Dinocorn Dave! Yip a Dinosaur Unicorn

He is from a super pattern in this book

When talking to the girls we weren't sure he needed the flowers?? I thought he still needed something so I made them on a hairband instead so it would be interchangeable! Plus he's so adorable with them hehehehe

I love his little spikes but those legs are the BEST! I can't stop thinking they look like little chicken drumsticks hehehehe

So here is my D crafty bits
Dinocorn or Dinosaur
Denim Colour Wool
Dusty Pink
Double Knitting Wool ??? Ok that ones pushing it

I have some other very emotional HAPPY news! One that seen me sitting in a pile of happy tears on Saturday when the post arrived

Yes! That there is me, swollen eyes and face from crying but so happy that I couldn't help but share!
My lovely editor Lee asked me a way way way back if I wanted to feature as Meet the Maker in Papercraft Essential??? Well at first I was just like NO, too nervous for people seeing me as ME and not just the craft. Hubby pursued me and here we are now! Its in issue 188 and I still can't believe it, little me as a feature!

Well I best actually do some work, I mean being a Maker means I need to do the making
Huggles Mel xx

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