Sunday 10 January 2010

Im back.............

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and not fed up with the snow yet?? Did everyone have a lovely Christmas and New Year? We did, a wee quiet family Christmas as Mum was still not too well! Shes doing much better now and just waiting on docs to decide whats next!! New Year was lovely, went To the Biggar Bonfire with the family. Then Craig, Shona and the boys came to ours for the bells! Ended up playing the Wii Just Dance till nearly 3am!! Perfect night hee!!
Hope you all are keeping the cold out with hot fires and plenty of crafting!! Fingers crossed for you all that this year will be better than the last! Full of FUN, HOPE, LOVE and LAUGHTER!! All ready started this years wedding orders, fingers crossed the rest of the year is as busy hee!
I want to thank all my lovely friends for being here for me last year and hopefully, if they can put up with me this year too!! Also thanks Susie and Clare for being the loveliest people you could ever meet! Your great girls!!
I know your fed up all ready with me drooling on! I just want to say thanks to everyone again for all there positive comments, they always keep me going!!! Thanks! And Ellie, your my best friend and the greatest, brightest star out there! Thanks for your love and support,
Okay okay nearly there! Just want to thank by family for helping get my crafting off the ground and also sticking by me!! And a final thanks to the biggest critic MY HUBBY! Love you so much and thanks for putting up with the foam pads and the glitter hee!
Happy Crafting everyone and a Happy 2010!!


  1. What a gorgeous piccy of you and Frazer - you have to scrap it!! Glad your mum's doing better and that you're getting back in to your crafting. Looking forward to (hopefully) meeting up again in the not too distant future. Take care, Huni. Susie x

  2. What a lovely foto of you and Frazer. ;o)
    I wish you and your family a
    great year,Melly

    Many greetings from
    a snowy village ;o)


Hugs and kisses for you all, thanks for the comment xxx